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Motivate your child with this editable routine or chores chart.

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Your kids’ daily schedule template

  • 15+ free visual routine cards
  • Daily routine and chores template
  • Personalized child’s avatar
  • A space to unlock new super-powers (your kids’ weekly or monthly rewards!)

Start creating and editing your own kids’ morning, lunch, evening or bedtime routine for fewer fights, arguing and repetition with your kids (and even your significant other ;) ).

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routine card icons

15+ free printable visual routine cards

  • Include all the required icons for your morning routine, school routine and bedtime routine.
  • Get better, faster and more consistent morning and bedtime routines
  • Reward your children for their success!

Personalize your child’s avatar

Have fun customizing their own personal avatar. On the same page, your kid will see rewards he’s unlocked, as well as keep their motivation levels sky high for the upcoming routines.

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Customize your kids’ daily schedules with this chart!

  1. Create up to 3 different routines per child
  2. Choose up to 5 tasks per routine
  3. Your kids accomplish their task then come move it on the chart
  4. Choose the right rewards for your child

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