Developing the skills of the child at home

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Your child follows his routine 😉

Thanks to our interactive guide, your child performs his routine independently.


He progresses in the game 🏆

Keep your child motivated with the different eras and accessories available in the game.


You validate the tasks ✅

For each task carried out and validated, your child progresses in the game and unlocks new powers.

An epic adventure

Kairos les heros du temps

Fun Missions

For each successful mission or task, your child receives rewards.

Motivating Trophies

Celebrate your child's accomplishments with the trophies that display in their headquarters.

Hundreds of rewards

Your child receives coins, costumes and unlock new powers!

routine score

A clinically validated positive impact

Two clinical studies involving more than 200 families have demonstrated a significant impact of Kairos on the autonomy of the child during routine periods.

The positive effects are demonstrated with children without a diagnosis or with a diagnosis of ADHD or ASD.

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Kairos is...

Rediscover the joy of being a parent

No more repeating: Kairos does it for you.

Help your child develop their independence

Because they learn best while having fun


Create a positive family climate

Follow the advice of the parental coach integrated into the application.

Reduce your mental load

Kairos takes care of keeping your routines.

What families think

Develop my child's autonomy

“Kairos allows my child to be more independent. He loves being able to play 10 minutes in Kairos.
It helps him a lot with his motivation”

Marie, mother of an 8-year-old child

Simplify your life as a parent

"The simplicity and effectiveness of Kairos has made your daily routine so much easier!"

Pascal, father of a 7-year-old child

Validated by clinical studies

“I love it and so do the kids. They are 7 and 9 years old. That it is scientifically tested is really reassuring.”

Nancy, mother of 2 children

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