Increase your child's autonomy with Kairos

Kairos is a mobile app that turns your child’s daily routine into an exciting video game. Each task brings your kid a step closer to saving the planet from evil aliens!



Kairos in brief

Increase your child's autonomy with Kairos


Your child keeps up with their daily schedule.

With the help of our interactive screen, your child carry out his routine independently.


Follow your kid improvement

Validate your children's tasks in the parent section. Discover your child's successes and opportunities for improvement with our detailed dashboard.


Reward the hard work!

By completing their routine, your child unlocks powers and cosmetics to progress in their adventure.

What they love

    • The coach, a digital education advisor
    • The science-based approach
    • The positive reinforcement
    • The user-friendly interface
    • Cool superpowers
    • Customizing their avatar
    • Colourful gameplay backgrounds
    • Saving the world from monsters!


Change the way you think about routines

  • Rediscover the fun part of parenting

    Let Kairos do the reminding for you.

  • Develop your child’s autonomy

    Kids learn better when playing.

  • Create a positive atmosphere

    Use the handy tips from the app’s parenting coach.

  • Lighten the load.

    Kairos will keep your family’s daily routine on track.

  • “Kairos allows my child to be more independent. He loves being able to play Kairos for 10 minutes. It helps him a lot with his motivation ”

    Nathalie, mother of an 8-year-old Hero

  • “Now, doing my routine in the morning is 'fun'. When I'm done, I get new superpowers to level up. "

    Thomas, an 8-year-old Hero


A scientifically based and tested approach!

  • My son, Will, is diagnosed with ASD


  • Observing the need for fun tools to help manage daily routine

    Spring 2016

  • First concept under the name ‘Hero’


  • Beta version tested with children diagnosed with ADHD or ASD and their families. Partnership with the Focus clinic, located in Québec City


  • Clinical studies with UQTR

    Spring 2020

  • Kairos official launch


  • Medication Side Effects Tracking