Clinically validated to have a positive impact in children and their families

Thanks to its proven effectiveness, Kairos offers new perspectives for taking care of the well-being of the youngest, thus strengthening family bonds and promoting healthy and positive development.

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Study with more than 200 families

In collaboration with UQTR, an 8-week clinical study validated the positive impact of Kairos on the development of the child's autonomy and on the parenting skills developed thanks to the virtual parental coach.

Study partner

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Line Massé
Professor in the Department of Psychoeducation at UQTR

Dany Lussier-Desrochers
Professor in the Department of Psychoeducation at UQTR, specialization in the use of technologies

Kairos impact

A clinically validated positive impact

The clinical study demonstrates an impact greater than a "very strong effect" on all three groups present in the study (ADHD, ASD and Neurotypical).

There is a significant improvement in the routine score (2.75 at the start to 3.52 at the end) inspired by the Before-School Functioning Questionnaire (BSFQ; Wilens et al., 2010).

A clinically validated positive impact

Being a parent of a child with a neurodevelopmental disorder involves certain challenges and can affect the family unit. Our studies have demonstrated a significant difference from the start of the Kairos intervention.

kairos improves family life

Impacts on the child's executive functions.

Significant differences were observed in BASC-3 scores between baseline and endline.

THE BASC-3 allows the evaluation in 175 questions of evaluation of the behavior and the emotions of the child.

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Significant difference in BASC-3 scales

(beginning and end of the intervention for the different diagnoses)

Better adaptive skills

Decrease in behavioral symptoms

Better anger control

Improved executive functioning

Better emotional self-control

Kairos has been backed by research since its inception

Discover three pillars of our approach.

Avatar Children Kairos

Avatar identification

The child is immersed in an epic adventure in which the only way to progress is to complete missions at home. He gets rewards by doing them.

Routine Kairos

Full parent support

Parents have access to a virtual coach who guides them on the best interventions with their child. Thanks to comprehensive dashboards, the parent sees the progress of the child.

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