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Chore chart online

The daily routine chore chart for kids you were looking for!

Looking for help when it comes to organizing your kid’s routine (and make yours more enjoyable at the same time)? A chore chart for kids might be the tool you need! 

Kairos developed a customizable daily routine chart that helps kids of all games to remember their responsibilities and tasks throughout the day. Take advantage of a customized, ready to use chore chart free of charge: design it, print it and you are ready to improve your schedule in no time!

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What is the Kairos printable chore chart?

The Kairos printable chore chart is designed to help parents everywhere create a clear and regular routine for their kids and for themselves. We know that all households have their specific task separation and their own routines, which is why we offer multiple customizable options and the freedom to build a chart tailored to your needs.

Finding the perfect chore chart is easier than ever! With Kairos, it can be done online in three simple steps:

  1. Choose your preferred them out of our theme library;
  2. Add personalized routines and tasks to the template;
  3. Print the chore chart, hang it well in sight in your house and you are done;

You can access these free printable chore charts through your email! Choose a simple and efficient way to help your children in their many routines.

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Do chore charts really work? 

Some believe that chore charts do not help children to adopt a better routine… At Kairos, we believe that it is a great tool to help kids adopt a behaviour (and research shows it does too)! It simply needs to be made with the specific child in mind: kids of different ages, that show different interests or have different difficulties (such as ADHD) will require different approaches. On certain occasions, using a picture instead of writing can make all the difference. 

How to create a successful chore chart?

Simply put, a standard chore chart you will find online will not give you the best results. What will work is a customizable responsibility chart tailored to the children (or children's) needs. Who better to create it than you, the parent! 

We know creating a good chore chart can be a challenge, so here are our recommendations on how to build the perfect kid’s chore chart!

How to make chore charts for kids?

Start by picking age appropriate chores for your kids

Chores are a great way to teach children responsibility. They also provide them with valuable life skills such as time management, organization, and teamwork. However, in order to bring the kids those benefits, choosing the right chores for kids is important: the tasks must be appropriate for their age: you don’t give the same tasks to toddlers and 12-year-olds!

Depending on the capacities of your children at the moment, you will need to assign them a routine and specific chores they are able to accomplish. Too many tasks or too difficult chores will discourage them from trying to adopt a new routine. Do not hesitate to assign them tasks where you supervise and assist them, it's a great way of learning!

The chores and responsibilities must be clear and easy to understand

Especially when it comes to younger children who are still learning to read and write, it is important to present chores in a clear and simple way. When designing your routine chart and deciding on your chores, make sure to pick images that will help the kid understand what is required of him: a big smile with teeth for brushing in the morning, a lunch bag for their lunch at school or a shower.. Well, for a shower!

You are your children’s role model: if you follow a chore chart, they will too

We all know that children’s education starts at home, and that parents play a significant role in the behaviour of their kids. Children, especially at a younger age, tend to reproduce the behaviour of their parents, after all you are the most important adult in their life. This opens opportunities for you!

By having your own kid’s chore chart, you show your children that it is a normal thing and that they are not alone with chores in the house! You can design your own chart easily with Kairos, and all that's left to do is hang it next to your kid’s chore chart!

For both adults and children, the key to adopting a routine is repetition  

Adopting a new routine is always difficult at first, and using the chore chart will be no different! As the parent, it will be your responsibility to ensure the tasks are completed and to encourage your kid to respect the chores and the schedule. Through repetition, the chart will become easier and easier to follow until we don’t notice it anymore: that's when we know it worked!

You can ease into the chore chart by starting off with a few tasks, say one or two, for the first week and then gradually increase until you have a full schedule. Don't forget to keep positive and persevere, the results will be worth the hassle!

Using a rewards system with your chore chart encourages the behaviour!

It has been used in primary school and kindergarten for years to encourage kids to adopt better behaviours. We all remember getting stickers when we did something good! Why not do the same at home to encourage the adoption of your children’s chore chart?

Kairos has developed the perfect tool to encourage children in primary school, especially those with ADHD, to adopt a good routine and accomplish chores around the house: a Game! In order to make chores more fun, Kairos: Heroes of Time is directly linked to respecting a schedule and completing chores around the house. Brush your teeth and get dressed by yourself and you just might unlock a new character, a new level or special powers!

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Customize daily schedules with a kid’s chore chart!

Create up to 3 different routines per child from our chore chart templates

Your children are likely to have more than one routine: morning routine, supper routine, bedtime routine and more! Using the customizable chore charts by Kairos, you can create up to 3 diff/rent routines per child to cover their entire day. Choose among our many different tasks to create the perfect bedtime or morning routine!  

Choose up to 5 tasks per routine 

You can combine up to five different chores on each of your personalized routines. Help your children understand what is expected of them by using fun images and clear descriptions of the different chores. Do not hesitate to assign more complicated tasks that you will accomplish with them, it's all part of the learning process!

Let your kids accomplish their task then move it on the chart

There must be a direct link between the chore chart and the children’s actions, which is why the child should be the one to check or move the completed tasks on the board. With the right approach, this allows the child to feel the pride of accomplishing his tasks and encourages them to continue moving forward! 

Choose the right rewards for your child

You know your son or daughter better than anyone else: you know what motivates them and what is the better incentive to encourage them in their chores! Make sure to take this into consideration when deciding on your rewards system. And while you are at it, why not take a look at Kairos: Heroes of Time, an innovative way to reward your child for respecting its responsibility chart!

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Can Kairos Game help children with ADHD?

Kairos was founded by a mother looking for better solutions to help her child with ADHD. Specifically designed to help those with attention deficit, a combination of a clear and simple chore chart and our game showed great results with children for whom respecting a schedule is more challenging. Save your family money by choosing free and reliable resources to develop a child’s responsibility and autonomy! 

What are examples of chores I can put on charts?

You can choose from a wide variety of visual routine cards! In order to have the best results, we simply recommend you to pick age appropriate chores and that they are as clear as possible. Here are some example of visual routine cards you can use:

  • Brushing your teeth;
  • Putting your clothes on in the morning;
  • Put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket;
  • Picking up the table after a meal and bring it to the kitchen;
  • Take your medication;
  • Putting your school books in your bag;
  • Cleaning their bedroom;

And many more! Learn more about our routine cards for kids here.

Why do we use daily chore charts instead of weekly chore charts?

This table can be used for the management of a week (week) as well as your daily management. You can use different icons to change your routine daily or weekly.

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