Ultimate routine guide

Ultimate routine guide for kids

Discover all the best tips and tricks for a successful home routine in this complete routine guide. With this reading, routine will no longer have any secrets for you!

Chapter 1

Rules, rituals and family routines: When the impossible becomes possible!

Find out how and why to set up a routine to stop repeating the same instructions over and over again? Check out the Kairos Routine Guide - practical tips and tricks to try today!

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Chapter 2

How to make a child understand a task? The 5 C's of a good task for kids

Dressing the kids is a chaotic part of your day. There are clothes everywhere, your child runs from edge to edge of your house singing. He finds your instructions funny, thinks that you play no matter how you formulate the request.

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Chapter 3

Create your first routine for children in 5 basic principles

A routine helps the child to structure himself and gain autonomy. It also helps to facilitate your own planning. In short, what advantages! But how do you set up your first routine?

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Chapter 4

Maximize the Success of Morning Routines with Children

The morning routine is a tool, to say the least magical, that will transform your mornings from a daily ball of negativity to a real ray of morning sunshine. How to maximize your success?

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Chapter 5

Top tips from experts on transitions and routines

For children, routines are key moments because they create regularity in the child's life. How can you make sure that going from brushing your teeth to packing your bag is hassle-free? Discover the best tips from our experts.

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Chapter 6

7 obstacles to the success of your routines

Certain factors make the routine more complex to set up and maintain. Here are the 7 elements most likely to cause problems and solutions for them!

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Chapter 7

What is positive parenting?

As parents, we often have the impression of being against our child. To repress it, to add prohibitions and limits to it. To have a lot of rules and, in the end, we find that it does not do enough. What if we looked on the other side of the mirror?

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Chapter 8

5 (+1) tools for the routine for kids

Discover the best tools for the routine for children recommended by the Kairos team!

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