50+ free daily routines cards for kids

Improve routine at home with this complete visual routine cards set.

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Your printable routine cards set includes:

  • 12+ morning routine visual schedule cards
  • 12+ bedtime routine cards
  • 7+ daily routine cards
  • 5+ school and homework routine cards

These visual cards are also perfect for kids with ADHD and/or autism. They’re super helpful for their routines, everyday tasks and helping to develop their sense of responsibility.

Free editable printable routine cards for toddlers

Morning routine cards bedtime homework

Your own printable and editable daily routine cards PDF

Organize your tasks and ease your routine management!

  1. Download the visual cards en print them
  2. Add a description if needed in the place provided for this purpose
  3. You can use velcro or adhesive tape to stick the routine cards in the appropriate place

Download your free printable routine cards


Complete Routine Cards List

School and homework Routine Cards 

  • Homework / Distance learning
  • School agenda
  • Notebook
  • Review homework
  • Readings / Read a book

Hygiene Cards

  • Toothbrush
  • Comb / Brush my hair
  • Take my medicine
  • Take my shower / Take a bath / Wash
  • Apply some cream
  • Wash your hands
  • Dry / Dry your hands

Morning Routine Cards

  • Sport bag
  • Get dressed
  • Set your alarm clock / Alarm clock / Wake up
  • Go to the toilet / Pee
  • Take your lunch / put away your lunch box
  • Backpack / School bag / Empty your bag
  • Put away the toys
  • Winter clothing / Put on your winter clothes
  • Put on your mask
  • Put on your glasses
  • Wait for the bus / Take the bus

Daily tasks

  • Wash your laundry
  • Put your clothes in the laundry tub
  • Sweep the broom / Wash the floor / Clean the house
  • Take out the trash
  • Feed the cat / Empty the litter box
  • Feed the dog / Walk the dog
  • Shovel snow / Garden
  • Recycle / Take out recycling bin
  • Put away the laundry / Fold the laundry
  • Talk with mom and dad

Evening / Bedtime Routine

  • Go to bed / Make your bed
  • Put on your pyjamas
  • Read a book / Calm activity
  • Go to sleep / Sleep
  • Pack your bag / Pack your suitcase
  • Read a story before sleeping
  • Braces


  • Breakfast / Prepare breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Plate and utensil / Do the dishes / Set the table
  • Set the table / Clear the table / Eat at the table
  • Have a snack / Have a fruit
  • Dishwasher / Put away your plate