Free Reward Chart for Kids

The Free Printable reward chart is the best way to motivate your child to behave correctly at home.
Download the chart, set an exciting reward, and motivate your child!

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Blank Reward Chart Printable

Encouraging positive behavior in children with a fun Free Reward Chart Templates

Reward charts are the easiest ways to encourage kids to develop good behavior and habits from a very young age. 

To make things easier, you can explore a printable reward chart available online to help you assign tasks and give points based upon their performance. You can then categorize the stickers into excellent, good, average, and poor for their efforts, so you can easily see how they're doing.

For this, you may want to download a reward chart for kids. For each completed task, you can reward them by giving them moving their icon forward one space.


Reward Chart For Kids

Reward Chart For Kids Free Printable

Simple and Fun Printable Behavior Reward Chart for Kids

  1. Print the chart. It is already formatted to fit a 8.5"X11" piece of paper.
  2. Choose a Reward that will motivate your child
  3. For each successful tasks, chores, or actions, move a magnet or a sticker one space. 
  4. When the magnet reaches the end, your kid get his reward! You can choose a fun activity or a little gift as a reward!

Download your free printable reward chart


How to make a reward chart?

1. Describe the behavior you want to reward

2. Aim for short term reward

A week is perceived differently from a child than an adult. It is especially true for children with ADHD or ASD.

3. Move the magnet as soon as you observe the behavior you want to reward.

Giving a reward quickly to your kid will indicate him or her clearly what is the behavior you want to encourage. It is proven to have a direct impact on the motivation of the child. 

4. Focus on the positive

The magnet should never move backward. The Reward chart is there to motivate your child. Just the fact the child don't progress in the chart is already a consequence of his or her actions. It is not recommended to move back his magnet.

What should be included in a child's reward chart?

Three things!

  1. A reward to motivate your child - of course!
  2. Set the rule clearly. What is the behavior that is going to help the child progress toward the reward. What are you expecting? You can also put it down in writing (or icons) to be sure that it is clear for you and your child.
  3. A magnet or piece that you can move. Be sure to let your child be the one moving the magnet, so he can really appreciate and 'feel' his progress.

How to make your own reward chart?

You want to make your own reward chart, but don't know how to get started? First, ask yourself what is the goal or objective of the reward chart. If you are here, it's probable that there is a problematic behavior that you would like to see change or you want to motivate your child to accomplish a task or chore that he does not like to do. Here are some example:

  • Going to sleep
  • Doing Homework
  • Cleaning his or her room

Be sure to adapt your reward chart to the objective and to make it easy to be seen around the activity that you want to reward. Your kid has a hard time brushing his teeth? The best place to put the reward chart is in the bathroom!

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