Best behavior app for ADHD kids

Here we have put together a list of apps that can help you encourage positive behavior and improve emotional regulation with your child.

These can help you improve your child's development without your child even noticing! Fun, right?

Best task and behavior app for kids (6 to 12 years old):Kairos - Heroes of Time

Best goal tracking app: Thumsters

Best Emotional Management App: The Mood Meter

Best app for stress reduction: Headspace


Best application of tasks and behavior for children

Kairos - Heroes of Time

Free Trial: Yes, no credit card required
Price: $6.49 per month / $54.99 per year for up to 5 children
Links: App Store / Play Store

Looking for a fun way to motivate your child to do their chores and routine? Kairos is the best behavior chore chart app. As parent or professional, set up custom tasks. Then your child is immersed the child in an epic adventure in which the only way to progress is to complete their routine. The parent section is filled with useful dashboard and a smart parental coach guides you toward the best parental practices to help your child succeed! 

Key points:

  • Super fun and motivating for children
  • New content constantly added
  • Easy to create customs chores and routine

Why it works for ADHD children?

  • Step-by-Step tasks with visual element to refer to
  • Help with consistency : Routine are repeated daily at the exact same time
  • Tested with ADHD children in a clinical study
  • Kids can identify themselves to their avatar

Download Kairos for free


Best application for positive reinforcement

ThumstersThumsters - Parenting App - Apps on Google Play

Free Trial : Oui
Price: $6.49 per month / $54.99 per year for up to 5 children
Links: App Store / Play Store

If you're looking for an agile, customizable and fun behavioral tracking app, Thumsters is right for you! Designed to encourage positive behavior in children and develop good behavioral habits for life, the symbiosis with you and your child will be our privilege. 

Key points:

  • Easy to use application
  • Very clear goal tracking for the child and the parent
  • Simple and efficient dashboards

Why it works for ADHD children?

  • Simple visual aid on the child's follow-up
  • The child can quickly see his progress

Best application to manage your emotions

The Mood MeterMood Meter | One Mind PsyberGuide

Free Trial: No
0,99$ single purchase
Links: App Store / Play Store

This application encourages children to think about and manage their emotions. Children write their moods on a color-coded chart filled with words describing the feelings. After browsing the chart and selecting a mood, children describe, in 150 characters, what caused that mood. Then they can choose to stay here, which records the comments and ends the exercise, or change their mind, which allows them to discover strategies that might help them change their mood.

Key points:

  • Learning effective strategies to help you regulate emotions
  • Share your emotional assessments
  • Easy to use application

Why it works for ADHD children?

  • It helps them to communicate emotions
  • Reduces family crises and conflicts

Best application to reduce stress

HeadspaceHeadspace: Mindful Meditation - Apps on Google Play

Free Trial: Yes
Price: 17,99$ per month / 89,99$ per year
Links : AppStore / Play Store

It is important to sleep well, we agree? Headspace helps you with what can sometimes be complicated. Many stories and meditation lessons are integrated in the application and even music to relax even in 3 minutes.

The kids' area allows children to develop their concentration skills and self-awareness, while relieving anxiety and reducing stress. Through short animated instructional videos, children can choose between short guided and unguided sessions (3 minutes in length) categorized by feeling type. Older children (ages 5 and up) may want to visit the sections outside the children's area.

Key points:

  • Minimum 3 minute period that can help the child for hours!
  • Videos, music, sounds, tips, meditations
  • Graph of the child's stress level

Why it works for ADHD children?

  • Short moments of meditation repeated during the week in the family planning are good for the child
  • Better sleep, better concentration.

How we picked the best apps for ADHD kids?

The team at Kairos has been developing apps for children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity for more than 3 years. Our choice for best apps for ADHD children are a combination of top ADHD Android and iPhone (iOS) apps that our users have recommended or shared with us and personal finds! 

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