Best learning apps for kids

This blog is dedicated to the best learning apps for kids on Android and App Store! Discover the most popular and effective educational options to help children learn in a fun and interactive way. Find the best app for your child and help them develop through technology.

Best task and behavior app for children (6-12 years old): Kairos - Les Héros du Temps

Best Educational App: PowerZ

Best Nature Learning App: Ravouka the Science Mouse


Best task and behavior app for kid

Kairos - Heroes of time

Free Trial: Yes, no credit card required
Price: $6.49 per month / $54.99 per year for up to 5 children
Links: App Store / Play Store

Looking for a fun way to motivate your child to do their chores and routine? Kairos is the best behavior chore chart app. As parent or professional, set up custom tasks. Then your child is immersed the child in an epic adventure in which the only way to progress is to complete their routine. The parent section is filled with useful dashboard and a smart parental coach guides you toward the best parental practices to help your child succeed! 

Key points:

  • Super fun and motivating for children
  • New content constantly added
  • Easy to create customs chores and routine

Why it works for ADHD children?

  • Step-by-Step tasks with visual element to refer to
  • Help with consistency : Routine are repeated daily at the exact same time
  • Tested with ADHD children in a clinical study
  • Kids can identify themselves to their avatar

Download Kairos for free



Best educational app


Free Trial: Oui
Price: Gratuit
Links: App Store / PlayStore

Go on an adventure, the charming village of Aria awaits you! There you will meet quaint characters who will help you accomplish your mission.

Accompanied by a little chimera, your child will learn at their own pace through different educational areas (mathematics, vocabulary, botany, poetry, cooking, etc.)

PowerZ's ambition? Let every child discover their passions!

Key points:

  • Free game without ads
  • A multiplayer mode to challenge friends on their knowledge
  • Activities to reproduce outside the game
  • Creativity, emotional intelligence, logic, language, full of skills

Best nature learning app


Ravouka the scientist mouse

Free Trial: No
Price: $6,99 on AppStore / $7,49 on Play Store
Links : AppStore / Play Store

Go on an adventure with your children to discover nature, its laws and the main species of plants and animals that hide there. You will be captivated by this charmingly illustrated world of flora and fauna as you explore the riches of this natural world together. Just like with your favorite children's books, you'll want to return to them again and again.

Kay points:

  • Available in multiple languages
  • A fun way to learn
  • More than 160 interactive objects (elements and sounds) in each chapter

How did we choose the best learning apps for kids?​

For more than three years, the Kairos team has worked on the development of applications for children with attention and hyperactivity disorders. Our choices were guided by a combination of our personal preferences and those of our users.

If we've left out your favorite app, feel free to send us your suggestions at

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