The only playful technological solution approved in clinical studies that reduces parental stress

Kairos has been the subject of a clinical study carried out with 216 families over 8 weeks and has been shown to have a significant impact on the autonomy of children to carry out their routine and to reduce stress in families using it. Kairos demonstrated positive impacts with all 3 clinical study groups:

  • Children with ADHD diagnostic
  • Children with ASD diagnostic
  • Children without diagnostic

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In partnership with UQTR, Kairos is the only technological and fun solution for routines tested in clinical studies. After more than 8 weeks of use, the vast majority of participating families noticed significant effects on several routine irritants. Notable fact: on average, it was about 1 argument out of 4 that was avoided between parents!

Kairos is a clinically proven technological solution for your routines. The solution allows you to repeat the same instructions less, to make your children more autonomous to do their routines without supervision and improves family harmony.

216 familles

Tested by 216 families - loved by all

With more than 2 months of use, 216 families took part in the clinical study on Kairos. Tested and approved 216 times, but used by thousands of families in their daily lives. It's your turn to turn your routines into play and stop repeating!

More efficient routines = less frustration

Families who have used Kairos have noted significant effects on the effectiveness of their routines. These improvements have led to fewer repetitions in routines, less hassle, less impatience, and even fewer delays at work!

avant apres efficacité routines

99% parents enthousiastes

Happier, more knowledgeable parents and more empowered children

At the end of the clinical study, 99% of parents were enthusiastic about their use of Kairos. 85% felt that they now had the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake effective routines and 84% felt that their children also had the skills necessary to do their routine.

kairos coach

Your #1 ​ally - The Parental Coach

The parental coach is a tool integrated into Kairos itself that sends you occasional notifications to better understand your child, advise you in your routines and support you in your role as a parent.

With the coach, you have access to a routine guide developed by professionals, educators and researchers in psychoeducation. The perfect mix of tips, tricks and field experience!


Developed by experts

line masse

Line Massé, Ph.D.

Professor in the Department of Psychoeducation at UQTR

dany lussier

Dany Lussier-Desrochers, Ph.D.

Professor in the Department of Psychoeducation at UQTR, specializing in the use of technologies

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