An innovative solution designed for use by education and healthcare professionals

Developed in collaboration with professionals, Kairos is a technological tool that integrates video game mechanics to help children aged 6 to 12 be autonomous in their routines. Tasks become missions that advance the avatar in the game.

Suitable for all children:

  • Children with ADHD diagnostic
  • Children with ASD diagnostic
  • Children without diagnostic

Kairos sur iPad

Validated in two clinical studies with more than 200 families

Annie Martineau Kairos

Created by a mom. Approved by education experts

Kairos is first and foremost the story of a determined mother. A mom who was looking for a solution to make the routine more fun for her 3 kids, including her son Will, who has ADHD and ASD.

Talking to Will, she comes up with the concept of Kairos, a routine-changing video game for kids ages 6-12.

"We believe that to develop a solution that works, collaboration with experts is absolutely necessary"

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